Hormone imbalance can have a profound and disruptive effect on daily life—from a loss of libido to memory issues to sleep problems. In the long term, it can weaken your muscles, bones, and cardiovascular health. Not all levels are the same, each and every level is determined by what is best for you.


MOST MEN do not have optimal testosterone levels. If your levels are “normal,”  you may not be in the optimal range that is best for you. “Optimal levels” mean that you feel like the best version of yourself– you have the energy to perform daily activities and workouts, you build muscle easily, and you have a healthy sex drive. No two men will experience the exact same symptoms even if they are at the same level. If your testosterone is below your optimal level, you can experience fatigue, decreased sex drive or performance, increased body fat or weight, loss of bone and muscle mass, and moodiness or irritability. Not only do these symptoms effect how you feel, but other health issues may arise such as osteoporosis or depression.